Hi! I'm Jonah

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m working on exciting projects!

Once upon a time…

A young 6 year old nerdy jewish boy from Toronto learned his first magic trick. Even he didn’t know that now he would be spreading magic, laughter and amazement all over North America.

Okay wasn’t I cute?

Since then everything has changed!

The magic is crazier but my obsession is with sharing it with audiences all over!

Since that fine day that I learned my first trick it’s been 16 straight years of magic. There’s no looking back, and I’ve never been happier.

So what have I done in 16 years?

Toured overnight camps performing and teaching magic all over Canada, countless Bar-mitzvahs and private functions, started a magic podcast to help hundereds of other magicians and now finally, I’m reaching high school students about getting involved with their passions right away

I’m not good at everything

But there are a few things that I am exceptionally good at:

Performing magic, teaching everything I know, and starting cool projects.

If you have an event, idea or project that involves: magicians, students, campers or just doing something different we should chat!

I want to make your idea even better than you’re imagining it right now!

Some Projects You Might Enjoy!

I like doing awesome things! Here are some of the cool things that I've been working on recently!

Discourse in Magic Podcast

If you’re a magician with an interest in magic check out my Podcast. There are over 76 episodes, interviews, lessons, laughs and good times with all-star magicians, giving all-star advice. WARNING: You’re going to learn a thing or two.

Yes Please!

The Toronto Magic Company

Live in the 6ix and want to watch cool magic shows? I co-founded a company for people like you! We bring in the best magic talent from all over the globe and put on world  class performances in the Toronto every single week. 

Wanna see a show?


Summer Camp Tour

Every summer I tour dozens of overnight camps all over North America performing, teaching and exploring magic with campers and staff! You can learn a lot through magic. Do you want magic at your camp this summer? I’d love to

Magic at YOUR Camp

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Need a quote for your next event? Want to do something special? Want to just chat about the weather and our feelings?

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