Jonah Babins has been entertaining for seventeen years. Not surprisingly, he has an unstoppable passion for performing.

Starting at just six years old, Jonah Babins is what some would call a prodigy in magic. (He would tell you he lost track of time). He now uses his craft to create unforgettable experiences for audiences of all ages and sizes.

Jonah has performed all over Canada, and America with his unique brand of magic, seminars, and workshops. He has appeared at countless private functions; from house parties, to corporate events, and for clients as big as Jack Astor’s, and Dave and Busters. 

He wasn’t satisfied with non-stop laughter, he wanted the translation into non-stop learning (For himself and his students). He decided to create the podcast Discourse in Magic so that thousands of people interested in magic could follow along and pursue their passions, just like Jonah. The podcast has gained over 75,000 downloads in it’s short run.

He then took the learning even further, to high school students who wanted to chase their dreams (not necessarily those of a magician, but magical nonetheless!) His presentation has now reached students all across Ontario.

Jonah’s impact doesn’t end on stage. He has a strong passion for teaching magic and uses those lessons as tools for students to build confidence and start working toward their goals yesterday. The workshops work especially well in a camp setting where the future performers are surrounded by their closest friends. 

He isn’t good at everything… but he’s especially good at a few things:
Performing powerful magic, sharing powerful ideas, and teaching powerful lessons.

Contact him now, and see for yourself.

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