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That’s why I work directly with your program director to mix-and-match the best combination of camp wide shows, cabin workshops, staff shows or even camp wide programs. 

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Do something different this summer and bring magic to your camp!

Magic Workshops!

45 min-1 Hour Magic sessions. Up to 20 campers (ages 9+) sit around the table, and immerse themselves in magic. First by watching magic happen up close and in person performed by Jonah, followed by learning how to perform their own mini miracles with magical props that they get to keep! Each magic session features different magic tricks so different campers around the camp can perform their tricks for each other!

The Show

1 Hour stage show designed for the entire camp! 100 -700 campers get to fill the largerst auditorium and watch impossible feats of magic and mind reading take place surrounded by their closest friends. The show is exciting, bringing campers on stage in interesting magical scenarios that create long lasting memories (the way camp is supposed to)

Staff Show

2 Hour Magical hangout with Jonah and all of the staff! Staff are very different from campers, they don’t want to fill an auditorium and watch a magic show. They want to watch magic, learn, talk, converse, ask questions, and hang out! I offer just that, an interactive program around a large table for all of the staff to watch, learn and interact with magic in a very real way!

Jonah Babins’ Magic was UNBELIEVABLE 10/10. The staff loved it, the kids loved it, our minds were going crazy. He knows how to do it, it was amazing, I would recommend him to anybody

Ave Bross

Program Director, Camp Solelim

He absolutely amazed and thrilled our staff and campers. Well worth every penny spent!

You really need to see Jonah Babins magic, you really need to have him at your camp!

Jonathan Pivnich

Director, Camp B'nai Brith Ottawa

He was incredible, he worked with campers of all ages. From our youngest campers all the way to our oldest campers.

We really recommend his program to anyone!

Aily Leibtag

Program Director, Camp Ramah

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