Powerful Magic.

Laughter, Miracles, Endless Impossibilities.

Stage Show

An interactive magic show filled with impossible feats, and straight up miracles. All guests are guaranteed a mind blowing experience. Jonah uses a unique blend of humour and magic to create a show unlike any other. The show is completely flexible in length, and be altered to create the perfect performance for any size audience.

Close Up

Magic and humour, up close and personal. Jonah strolls around your venue performing mind blowing feats throughout. He encourages guests to engage with one another as they witness the impossible in their very own hands. You’ll hear roars of applause as he mingles with the crowd, leaving them with a story they’ll tell for years! The timing is completely flexible, and Jonah can entertain in any situation.

“ We have him back every year! ”

— Mari-Beth Christler (Camp Director)

“ I wholeheartedly recommend him for any event. ”

— Mindy Berchansky (President and Co-Founder, PTC Accounting)

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.