Powerful Ideas.

Inspiring students to start working toward their goals yesterday.

Jonah’s speaking program is all about students using their strengths to create something amazing. To harness their interests and use them as a tool.

How does one make an impact? Land any job? Impress the right people?

Jonah helps students take matters into their own hands, and encourages them to take advantage of that privilege with the responsibility necessary.

Want to become a lawyer? Try starting a law blog. Dream of becoming a producer? Start a YouTube channel and create original content. Want to write a novel? Start now!

His message is simple: Working, making, doing, at this point in your
life will have a huge impact on your future.
They all require one important step: Starting.
Jonah Babins will inspire students to do just that.

Jonah shares these lessons in his presentation and the students leave with an inspiring experience and that leads to their own powerful ideas.  

You can’t find your passion without looking for it.
The resources are endless, start on your goals today.

“ The message was very positive and engaging. ”

— Darren Gani (Vice Principle, East York C.I)

“ He inspires students to start making changes. ”

— Jessica (Teacher, Brendan School Stouffville)

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.