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Powerful Ideas.

“ We really recommend his program to anyone! ”

— Aily Leibtag (Program Director, Camp Ramah)

“ Jonah kept our staff engaged and in disbelief ”

— Darcy (Director, Moksha Yoga)

Student Leadership

Help your students land their dream job!

By taking action today.

There has never been a better time in history for students to learn. But the missing factor that teens need requires more than just learning.

It requires creativity

Doing things, making things, creating things, sharing things, falling in love with the process.

Enter Jonah

By combining magic and motivation in a keynote designed for students, Jonah knows how to inspire.

It’s an interactive presentation where your students learn the importance of executing on their passion.

Jonah teaches both why and how they need to get off their feet and start.

This is a message your teens need to hear!

Corporate Workshop

Give your staff a lesson in leadership, teamwork, and a darn good time

Your most talked about leadership training ever!

Help your team become smarter, more confident, and more critical thinkers all while having an unforgettable time in one magical workshop.

Your employees get to watch mind blowing magic, but they also get to learn to perform their own magic too!

By performing, they’re learning skills in speaking, leadership, listening, problem solving and creativity, all while having the best time ever.

Sit back and watch your employees jump in excitement, get up off their feet performing their own magic and becoming more well rounded individuals.

It’s like an escape room but it’s impossible!

Bring Jonah for your next company training

How does he do it? Find out, with extensive leadership training for schools and businesses

Teach your guests how to lead

Magic has a unique ability to not only thrill a crowd, but also to share important lessons and moments that are memorable and that stick.

Jonah bridges the gap and teaches critical life lesson through performing and teaching magic.

Lessons about thinking critically, being a leader, taking action, believing in the people around you, creating, do-ing and much more.

Contact Jonah below to inquire about bringing him in to talk about leadership to your team!

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.