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Powerful Lessons.

“ We really recommend his program to anyone! ”

— Aily Leibtag (Program Director, Camp Ramah)

“ He absolutely amazed and thrilled our staff and campers. Well worth every penny spent! ”

— Director (Camp B'nai Brith Ottawa)


Your camp is unique. Do something different this summer!

How does he do it? Find out, with extensive workshops for summer camps and schools.

Magic Workshops

Teach your campers how to do tricks!

Your campers sit with Jonah, watch awesome magic and learn amazing tricks of their own with the supplies necessary to perform it forever!

In each workshop Jonah teaches different tricks so campers can perform and teach their magic to each other long after Jonah leaves.

Each camper leaves the workshop knowing exactly how to do their first magic trick!

Here’s the real secret… in the process they learn about public speaking, performance art, and leadership too!

(But don’t tell them that!)

Camp Wide Show

Give your camp an evening program to remember!

Camp is a place to inspire wonder, and Jonah’s magic show is full of just that!

In an interactive and hilarious show, your camp will go bonkers not only during the show, but for days after!

Campers and staff are brought on stage to interact with the magic!

It’s like putting on a camp play without the rehearsal

This is the ultimate evening program!

Staff Show

Show your hard working staff that you care

Staff deserve magic too, but they’re different than campers.

They want to watch, talk, converse, ask questions, and hangout.

Jonah offers exactly that.

A completely magical break from reality for the staff.

His show has been called “my favourite night of the summer” by countless staff members year after year.

Jonah joins the staff around the largest table you have, and everyone gets to be part of the show!

Miracles happening at the table, and inside your staffs hands and mind.

Your staff are 100% guaranteed to FLIP OUT!

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.