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V.I.P. Experience

“ Super talented, hilarious and entertaining ”

— Marisa & Darcy (Directors at Moksha Yoga North York & Thornhill)

“ We REALLY enjoyed the show ”

— Eyal (Private Family Event)

They Don't Just Watch the Show. They Are the Show!!

An interactive experience for you and your guests!

Invite your V.I.P guests to an intimate magic show that happens in their hands, as they sit together around the table.

Your audience can interact with the magic, making decisions that change the course of the show!

This experience is guaranteed to be talked about for months, and creates unforgettable stories that you and your guests will share for a lifetime.

Jonah’s close up show has taken him all across Canada, New York, Austin, and L.A., for staff parties, private events, V.I.P evenings and influencer parties.

This is an unforgettable interactive experience for 15 – 50 people unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.

The show fits seamlessly into your venue of choice, taking place around a table at either your home, a restaurant, a private room, or office space.

Every member of the audience gets an opportunity to interact with the show, and learn about the inner workings of the magic world

Jonah’s V.I.P close up show is a one of a kind expirience to let your guests know what it’s like to have magic take place inside their hands, and inside their brains!

Give your audience an interactive intimate inside look into the world of magic, and an impossible evening they will never forget!

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“ Thanks for adding to our fun last week! People are still chatting about you !! ”

— Sarah R (Chief People Officer at Globalive Technology)

“ You were definitely the crowd favourite. ”

— Sarah S (Event Manager at Redstone Agency)

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.