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Below you can find the current magical projects that Jonah plays a large roll in. Aside from performing magic, his spare time is spent producing shows featuring other performers and interviewing the best magicians in the world to learn their secrets.

Discourse in Magic Podcast

Become a better magician!

With over 150 episodes and thousands of magicians that tune in every week, the point of the podcast is to make you a better magician.

Better does not mean more tricks. Better means better.

In magic, this study is called theory. Theory is what separates the craft from the art of expression.  Theory is what can make your magic art. Theory is the purpose of Discourse in Magic.

We’ve interviewed the best magicians on the planet about how to become better!

The goal of the podcast is to combine the knowledge of small communities with the power of the online world to further the most important parts of magic.

The Toronto Magic Company

Toronto is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Now it’s also the most magical. 

The Toronto Magic Company works with the best magicians in the world to put on incredible shows in Toronto, every single week.

Whether you come see our weekly magic open mic, The Newest Trick in the Book, our monthly magic show/art installation The Art of Magic or one of our many special events, we promise you’ll always have an impossibly good time!

That’s exactly why we started the Toronto Magic Company – to provide Toronto with world class magic shows and offering magicians from around the globe a chance to perform in the world’s hottest city.

You have expectations.
Now exceed them.