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Discourse in Magic Podcast

“ Brilliant podcast. As a working magician I don't know how I would get on without it! ”

— Chris Stewart

“ Thank you for giving this gift to the magic community ”

— John Stevens

Attention Magicians and Magic Lovers


I’d like to introduce you to the world’s best magicians

Welcome to the Discourse in Magic Podcast:

Where the best magicians in the world don’t teach you how their tricks work.

Instead, you learn how to become an incredible magician yourself!

The perfect combination of magic theory (how to make the tricks you have better), and magic business (how to get hired). 

With over 150 episodes and thousands of magicians that tune in each week, Discourse in Magic has become an ultimate resource for magicians, novice and expert alike.

Not only that, but since it’s a podcast you can use your smartphone and listen to the episodes on the go, on your commute, while your doing the dishes, or any time!

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Imagine hundreds of conversations with people like Garrett Thomas, Shawn Farquhar, Johnny Thompson… need I go on?

If you’re new to Discourse in Magic, here are some cool places to start


Asi Wind

A mind blowing performer, and advisor for Blaine, Asi Wind creates and performs powerful magic. Tune in to episode 39 as Asi teaches you how to think and care about your audience when crafting your magic. Too many magicians perform without being authentic, they don’t think about what their audience might think about. 


Harrison Greenbaum

A wildly talented magician, and one of the funniest people I have ever met. Harrison was featured on Americas Got Talent for his hilarious stand up, and on this episode he teaches you actual formulas, strategies and recourses on how to be funny.


Lawrence Hass

There are very few people who are qualified magic teachers, it takes a lifetime of training, performance, and study to even come close. Lawrence Hass has all of that paired with a true dedication to seek clarity in magic and teach it too. This episode will teach you how to make your magic better


Carisa Hendrix

It’s so obvious when looking at other art forms to see how major styles have changed over multiple generations. It’s a bit harder to see with magic. Carisa shows us how magic style has changed and developed and what modern magic really is.

David Williamson

David Williamson is a magic and performing legend. He cares deeply about magic and comedy in a way that you have to listen to to better understand. What makes him unique is that he’s not only a HILARIOUS performer, but also an incredible card mechanic. This is a must listen episode if you want to perform and if you want to be entertaining.


If you want to start at the beginning, I recommend going here, and starting on your Discourse in magic Journey!


“ My absolute must listen to weekly is Discourse in Magic. Jonah Babins does it up right. ”

— Matt Disero

“ This is one of my favourite podcasts ”

— Jeff Evason

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